Howler K9 Academy Drinking Bottles

We still have a limited number of Howler K9 Academy drinking bottles left from our show. Get yours now for only 20 AED while stocks last. Call us now to make your purchase.

For your dogs skin and coat...

When we first started showing the before and after photographs of our Husky Aroura and the incredible transformation from when we first got her as a rescue, we got MANY questions about how we managed to transform her the way we did.



Well, to answer that question...It took time, Royal Canin dog food, Tender Loving Care and most importantly I think that Bob Martin Conditioning Tablets made a big difference. They are a blend of Canine Vitamins formulated to keep you dog skin and coat looking its best.

We have managed to bring a limited number of Bob Martin Large Strength tablets into Al Ain from overseas. At this stage we only have Large strength tablets available. The large strength tablets are available from us for only 120 AED per bottle. Each bottle is 100 tablets. If you have one dog the bottle will last you 3 months. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing some of these amazing tablets. The are highly recommended.

Al Rowdha Vet Al Ain

In line with promoting our relationship with Al Rowdha Vet in Al Ain, we would like to offer 1 FREE home obedience training session with any payment of 300 AED at Al Rowdha vet and any payment of 500 AED or more at Al Rowdha vet will get 2 FREE home obedience training sessions. Please note that these offers DO NOT STACK. In order to claim your FREE training sessions please provide proof of payment to our instructors.