Bruno the golden Labrador

We were called by the British Vet in Abu Dhabi about a dog that was in their care. His foot had been badly injured and was undergoing intensive wound treatment. The owner/caretaker for the dog then contacted them and told the BVC that they did not want the dog back. So we took him...Please note that some of the pictures are a little gruesome but its good to know he has made a full recovery. 

Bruno has shown to have a very calming effect on other dogs so he will be put to work with the desensitizing and socializing of new puppies.

UPDATE: Bruno is the father to the group of Labrador puppies that are being trained as Guide Dogs 2020, and what an amazing father he has been

Bruno on his way to his new life in Howler Pets in Al Ain

The foot damage when we first go him. Apparently due to being burned with Acid

About 1 month later and almost completely healed

Chewbacca (Chewy)



This is Chewbacca, or 'Chewy' for short. We were called by concerned family members telling us that the dog had become agressive and we responded immediately. Unfortunatley what we found was depressing to say the least. I must warn you that some of the pictures below are disturbing.

Chewy was found tied up with a chain that had been on him so long that the chain had actually GROWN INTO his neck. He was immediatly taken to Al Rhowda Vet and surgury was performed to remove the chain.



The wound has healed really well now and Chewy is a very Happy Dog. Infact it is amazing that after such traumatic events have happened to him he is such a friendly dog. As much as we would LOVE to keep him, we will need to rehome him to a loving home. 


Chewy has found his place as part of the Abu Dhabi K9 Units team of hard working dogs. We will miss him but can rest assured knowing that he is performing valuable duties for the people of Abu Dhabi.




OK, so this story predates the establishment of the Howler Pets but it's a story I have to share.

Aroura was a female Husky that we took in as a foster from 38Smiles in Dubai, who rescued her from Baladiya. When we got her she was in a terrible state. Her fur was badly stained with urine, they had shaved her very short which should NEVER be done with a Husky.

In the time that we have had Aroura it has taken much tender loving care and a balanced meal plan, together with vitamin supplements to turn her into the drop-dead georgous girl that she is now...Its hard to believe that this is the same dog.


It was a long night of work at the park repairing weather damage and most of us had gone home to sleep around 6am. Thamer had stayed to complete some work and was about to leave when a stray Saluki arrived at the park, seemingly looking for help. His name was soon to be made Hilal as this happened during the holy month of Ramadan. He was in a bad state and seemed to be asking Thamer to help him. He was hungry and thirsty and covered in parasites like ticks and fleas. 

Thamer made some phone calls and we joined him to rescue this poor boy. He was taken to the vet by one of our regular customers and given a medicate bath and blood tests.

To cut a long and depressing story short...Hilal went through 2 or 3 foster homes (not due to any fault of his own) and eventually with the help of the Arabian Saluki Centre of Dubai (ASCOD) he was sent to a foster home in the United States. 


Hilal has found his forever home in the United States and is very happy with his new family


Charlie was a family pet that was kept outside on a chain with very limited access to food and water. An unknown event scared him or hurt him and he became aggressive towards his owners. Charlie was only round 5 months old at this stage. They called our instructors at Howler K-9 Academy for help. When they arrived he was very aggressive towards them, even managing to get a good bite on one of the instructors feet. At this point the family told us to take him as they didnt want an aggreesive dog. We brought him back to the Academy and our instructors began working on behaviour modification.

Almost overnight Charlie became such a pleasant and loving dog that the primary instructor on the case, Thamer, deceided to keep him. Since then, he has been training rigorously for a very special purpose...(sorry, no spoilers)


We were called about Sparky the Dalmatian after he spent around 3 or 4 months in a vet clinic for a dislocated hip. When he finally returned home he was very energetic and excited, and his family could not control him. They deceided to give him to us so that they could get a cat instead. We looked for a foster or forever home for him but were unsuccessful in locating one, so we decieded to let him stay at the park at a 'Mascot'. This was however short lived as very soon after this the summer tempretures kicked in and we could no longer let him stay outdoors. 

With no other option, Sparky was introduced to our existing dogs and brought out of the heat and into our home. Sparky is definately trying to take his place as the Alpha dog in the house which the other dogs are not too happy about, resulting in some minor conflicts with some cuts and bruises but he has become a really affectionate dog and a welcome member of the family.