SightME 2020

Howler Pets together with Al Ain Municipality took place in the SightME 2020 Exhibition in Sharjah. We introduced the concept of using Guide Dogs for Sight Impared pepople of the UAE. The response was absolutly amazing and incredible to see the level of acceptance. 

Special thanks to Golden Retriever 'Fluer' and her mommy Simone. Fluer was an absolute superstar which got her picture imortalised in the UAE and international newpapers and social media.

Companion Animals Dog Show

Bawadi Mall

13 June 2019



Howler K9 Academy were asked by the Al Ain Municipality to take part in various aspects of the Companion Animal Dog Show and Dog Competition at Bawadi Mall on the 13th June 2019, arranged by the Al Ain Municipality and sponsored by Elite Farm Management & Operations. Our primary funtion was to ensure the well-being of the doggie participants during the show, as well as to facilitate the smooth movements of the contestants on the stage.



Winner of Best Costume

3rd Place Winner

2nd Place Winner

1st Place Winner

Canine Camp-out

The Canine Camp-out on Friday 1st December 2018 was a great success. We have deceided to do another Canine Camp-out on 14th December 2018. Final bookings close on Wednesday the 12th December 2018.

The cost will be 50 AED per dog and 50 AED per person. This will include park entry, BBQ dinner and breakfast in the morning. The dinner and breakfast is for you, not your dog😋.Please provide your own camping equipment.


If your dog has not socialised with other dogs recently, please contact us to make arrangements to get them socialised BEFORE the night, as an unsocial dog can ruin the night for everyone participating.

Below please see some pictures from our last Canine Camp-out...

Birthday party for Lola and Chloe

This weekend Howler K9 Academy and Park hosted a birthday party for Lola and Chloe, the Golden-Doodle sisters. Due to very windy weather conditions the Balloons and banners could not be used but this didnt make the evening any less fun. A total of 12 'Puppy Pals' attended the party with others sending regrets that they could not make it. It was an amazing evening filled with games, cake and party hats (which didnt stay on very long). Thank you to Trudy for allowing us to be part of the celebrations, and thank you to all those that joined us.

Happy 2nd Birthday Lola and Chloe

Nyx the Central Asian Sheppard

Chloe and Alex ready to play 'Musical Sit'

Nyx, Apollo, Storm and Aroura


Apollo the Husky Puppy

Lola loving all the birthday attention

2nd November 2018

Fun Dog Show and Adoption day

After months of preparation and stress the 2nd November has come and gone, and with it so has the Fun Dog Show and Adoption day hosted by Howler K9 Academy and dog park in Al Ain.

It is unfortunate however that we at Howler K9 Academy have not yet learned to control the weather as very windy conditions were present most of the day. These conditions resulted dust clouds and many event had to be delayed or even cancelled due to bad weather. All that being said, we would like to thank our sponsors Royal Canin, Drift Trike UAE, Abu Dhabi Classic Car Museum, Al Waha Equestrian Club and all the volunteers for their valued contributions in making the show a success. A Special thank you to Limpopo K9 Academy for taking part as International Judges for the event, as well as the seminars on offer later in the week.  We are eagerly awaiting the photographs of the show to start coming in from our photographer and we will post them as they arrive. Batch one of the pictures have arrived and have been posted below. You can also find some pictures under the Gallery section of the page. Furthermore, photos will be posted to Instagram and Facebook as well but each social media account will have different pictures...