Previously known as Howler K9 Academy

Guide Dogs for the Blind in the UAE

In light of recent events with Covid-19, it has been decieded to postpone to training of Diabetic Alert dogs until life has returned to a somewhat normal situation. As the puppies have already been born that were suppose to be used for the Diabetic Alert training, we have decieded to address another important issue facing the UAE and Middle East in general. This is the issue of the Sight Impaired (Blind) community. Guide dogs have been used for assistance animals for the blind for many years in all parts of the world, and now that companion animals such as dogs are becoming more common and more accepted in the Middle East, the time is perfect to implement assistance dogs for the sight impaired in the Middle East community. We recently displayed at the SightME exhibition in Sharjah UAE and the response from the sight impaired community was astounding. 

Meet the Class of 2020


 We have opened a new training facility, with Doggie Daycare and Boarding space located in Shaib al Ashkar in Al Ain 

Training services include:

Basic to Advanced Obedience

Toilet training

Medical Alert dog training

Therapy dog training

Puppy Socialization and Desensitization


Boarding Services include:

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Boarding

Medical Care Boarding



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